Exploration Projects From Largest Share of Ghana Mining Industry

Since 1983, Ghana has undergone significant structural reforms with a strong movement towards an economic transformation of the mining sector. These reforms focus on attracting foreign investment, privatisation and state disinvestment to revitalise the industry. Ghana currently has 45 mining projects covering 5 commodities and hosts 32 mining and exploration companies.

Figure 10 visualizes the number of exploration projects operating in Ghana. The largest share of current mining projects is exploration-based and account for 27 (or 61%) of the total 45 projects recorded. Current exploration projects comprise four of the five main commodities produced by Ghana; gold makes up 90%, while oil, manganese and diamonds represent 3% respectively.

Figure 10 also reveals the phases that Ghana’s exploration projects are in. Exploration projects can be classified into 4 phases: pre feasibility, grassroots, feasibility and bankable. Most projects in Ghana are in the feasibility stage. 

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