The Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX), established in July 2006 through the merger of the Australian Stock Exchange with the Sydney Futures Exchange, is the listed holding company for a number of licensed operating subsidiaries, together forming the ASX Group. The ASX offers a range of market services linked by a common purpose: to provide core financial market services and infrastructure to meet the needs of a wide range of financial market stakeholders, and for a globally competitive and vibrant Australian economy.

The strategy employed by the ASX is to promote confidence in the markets that depend on its infrastructure, by providing it’s systems, processes and services reliably and fairly.

The domestic and international customer base of the ASX is diverse and includes issuers of a variety of listed securities and financial products, investment and trading banks, fund managers, hedge funds, commodity trading advisers, brokers and proprietary traders, market data vendors and retail investors, as well as other listing and trading venues.


Gateway to the resource capital of Asia:
ASX’s unique position as a developed market in the Asia-Pacific region and time-zone offers international resource companies exposure to the growing pool of investment capital in the world’s fastest growing region, as well as providing the opportunity for global trading and price discovery on an around the clock basis.

Innovative Capital Raising Mechanisms provide outstanding ongoing funding opportunities:
An ASX listing offers access to a market that is consistently among the top five markets in the world for capital raising. The Australian market has a long history of providing capital for the mining sector and has developed a sound understanding of investment in mining

Broker and Fund Manager expertise:
Access to breadth and depth of Australian broker and fund manager expertise that has developed over more than a century of mining company listings in Australia. There is sophisticated analyst coverage across the mining sector and many within the broad community of mining analysts already follow and analyse international companies as part of their broader analysis of domestic companies

Institutional Investment:
An ASX listing provides access to a significant and growing institutional pool of funds- the 4th largest fund management industry in the world. Establishing an Australian shareholder base will increase the certainty of capital supply should you need additional capital in the future

Retail Investment:
Access to an educated and knowledgeable retail investment community. Australia has one of the highest levels of retail share ownership in the world. Australia’s private wealth market was ranked the 9th largest in the world in 2010 based on the number of high net worth individuals by country.

You will be in good company:
The Australian market is home to numerous overseas many of which enjoy significant international profiles. The key strength of the Australian market in the Resources sector offers the opportunity to be listed alongside world leading companies such as BHP Billiton and Rio Timto.

World-class legal and regulatory environment:
The Australian financial sector regulatory regime is world class and provides security and integrity, through a sound, flexible and strong system of financial regulation designed to prevent systematic failure, and avoid unnecessary burdens on business.


Number of shareholders:
Minimum 500 investors @ A$2000 or Minimum 400 investors @ A$2000 and 25% held by unrelated parties

Company size:
A$1 million net profit over past 3 years +
A$400,000 net profit over last 12 months

Profit test:
A$2 million Net Tangible Assets

Asset test:
A$10 million market capitalisation



Over 900 listed resource companies

48% of all listed companies

Total resource sector market capitalisation- over A$ 400 billion

33% of total market capitalisation

38 resource companies with market cap> A$ 1 billion

Three resource companies among the top 10 companies

The value traded of resource companies in 2011 CY was A$ 475 billion representing 35% of the value of all ASX trades


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