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ABOUT Sephaku Holdings Limited

Sephaku Holdings Limited established in 2005, is a limestone and cement exploration, development and production company with operations in South Africa. They are listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE:SEP), with their head offices based in Pretoria, South Africa.

The strategy employed by Sephaku Holdings Limited is to realise shareholder value by developing their mineral exploration assets up the value curve. The companyís focus is to remain a Historically Disadvantaged South Africans company. As at 30 June 2011, 47% of all shares were held by Historically Disadvantaged South Africans .

Sephaku Holdings Limited operates the most environmentally friendly and efficient cement plant design in South Africa.



Sephaku Projects
Sephaku Holdings has three main projects, each at different stages of development.

The Aganang cement project is the most advanced, with the first phase of the plant construction having begun in October 2010 with first production scheduled for the end of 2013.

The second project consists of the Delmas milling plant and the Sephaku Ash project.

The most recently added project is the Dwaalboom integrated cement-production facility.


Karoo-age sediments, in the form of the Dwyka and Ecca Group tillites and shales, are developed in the vicinity of the tarred road linking Lichtenburg and Mafikeng and immediately east of Lichtenburg. The youngest formations are the Lichtenburg calcretes, estimated to be of Late Pliocene age (five millennia old), and the Quaternary Kalahari sands in the Mafikeng area. The limestone deposit occupies a surface area of approximately 3 600ha. The calcrete is covered by a thin layer of soil. Due to silica contamination during mining, it is estimated that the topmost 0,5m of calcrete and topsoil will, generally, be removed as waste and used for rehabilitation purposes. The usable seam of calcrete is, on average, approximately 6m thick.


Quarternary sediments in the form of two distinct phases of calcrete, cover approximately 75% of the prospecting right on the farms Beaufort 228KP and London 229KP. The upper 12 to 15m of the type profile is represented by an average of zero to 0,5m of ferrous topsoil, zero to 2,5m of nodular calcrete and 2,5 to 12m of hardpan calcrete. In the west, the floor is generally composed of Swazian granitic gneiss.

The calcrete profile thins to the east and generally pinches out on the farm London 229KP where the basement granitic gneiss and syenitic intrusives tend to sub-crop. On the eastern-most side, 50% of the farm London 229KP, lava displaces the granitic gneiss as basement sub-outcrop. It is generally accepted that the CaCO3 has been derived by the solution and migration of the Malmani Dolomite Sequence which occurs to the south of the target area.

The two phases of calcrete are an immature upper nodular phase within a siliceous loamy matrix with a lower, annealed hardpan calcrete occurring below. The nodular phase may be mechanically beneficiated by screening out the excess silica in the interstitial matrix, although tests have shown this to lead to a concomitant increase in residual MgO content. The underlying hardpan calcrete tends to be of a lower grade although the recombination with screened nodular phase has been shown to be of sufficient quality to produce viable cement clinker.


The initial independent mineral resource and mineral reserve statement for the limestone deposit of the Aganang project was compiled by Venmyn and reported on 31 January 2008. The statement was updated on 30 October 2009 on the basis of the detailed geological modelling, mine planning and scheduling conducted by RHC on the asset. Surpac™ software was again used to assist in generating more accurate and precise estimates of the limestone mineral resources and mineral reserves. The results are summarised in the table below.



  • Dr Lelau Mohuba (CEO)
  • Neil Crafford-Lazarus (FD)
  • Shibe Matjiu (ISD)


  • Brent Williams (Independent Chairman)
  • Modilati Gustav Mahlare (Independent)
  • Pieter Fourie
  • Rudolph de Bruin
  • Moss Ngoasheng
  • Dr David Twist (Alternate)
  • Jan Wessels (Alternate)
  • Jennifer Bennette (Alternate)


The year ahead promises to be yet another exciting year for Sephaku Holdings and its associate, Sephaku Cement, one that will no doubt be rewarded with the continued progression of the Aganang plant and Delmas project.
- Lelau Mohuba View Letter

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